Service & Support


First class service is something that HUB Parking Technology prides itself on. We deploy an integrated services approach which consists of 3 core components:

  1. Efficient deployment of services where needed

  2. Extensive technical expertise, both hardware and software and general operations experience

  3. Personal approach from our team across the UK

Our operating methodology ensures that we can meet customer’s needs in a timely and efficient manner. We pride ourselves on clear communication, experience, strong time management and with many of our staff having been on the other side working for car park operators an extremely emphatic, knowledgeable approach.


Project ManagementProject Management

HUB Parking Technology has proven experience in keeping the simplest to the most complex projects on track through our Project Management process.

Our project team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced people, disciplines include software and hardware engineering, hardware installation, construction, business analysis, training and programming. Each member of the team has extensive parking system installation experience.

With experience in installing access control, revenue control, and ground transportation systems in airports, public/private municipalities, hospitals, sporting venues, and colleges.

HUB Parking Technology UK-Based Customer Support Call CenterHUB Parking Technology UK-Based Customer Support Call Center

Customers are served by a centralized dispatch call centre. Dispatchers respond personally to your support calls to ensure that inquiries are answered promptly and field technicians are deployed to your location. Service requests are recorded and tracked through our dedicated call management system.

Our customer support teams have access to all client service records in the ITS not only to ensure response requirements are met but also to conduct periodic discussions and provide support to our employees on-site regarding issue resolution, performance improvements, and optimum client interaction levels.

Key Account ManagementKey Account Management

Our internal structure allows us to guide you through the parking asset evolution process from start to finish. Our sales team identify your needs and requirements and provide the correct framework for your requirements. They then work in tandem with the Project management team who handle the logistics and practicalities, and once in place our key account management team are there to help with the integration, support, and training of the on-site team.

Having had many years of experience working for car park operators, the team is well placed to guide our customers through new systems and working processes and offer helpful tips and tricks down to setting up certain bespoke reporting functionalities.

key account management relies on digital solutions

The overall organisational structure allows HUB Parking Technology to stay in close contact with all our clients, enabling them to get the most out of their parking asset.

Preventative MaintenancePreventative Maintenance

Maximizing the up-time of your parking and revenue control equipment is achieved through our regularly scheduled preventive maintenance plan for your organization. This approach has been carefully evaluated over years of equipment support and will positively impact the sustained operation of the equipment.

Continual Improvement ProcessContinual Improvement Process

Our project management and service teams have an average tenure of 9.5 years installing parking systems for airports, municipalities, colleges and universities, hospitals and private business. This experience is shared across the organization through routine analysis of recorded preventive maintenance calls, services gap analysis, incident reporting/response, and resolution timeframes. This process emphasizes employee involvement and teamwork; measuring and systematizing processes; and reducing inefficiencies.


part of continual improvement is also converting company feleet to hybrid vehicles