Electric Vehicles Integration: Shape the future of parking

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption is accelerating, as is the demand for public charging infrastructure. The electric vehicle revolution has begun, in the UK and worldwide, with the next five years likely to see the highest rate of change thanks to technological advancements, investment, and customer demand.

Soon, this service will be greatly needed in areas where people normally park to shop, work, go to appointments, run errands, and attend events, expanding to all communities.

Nonetheless, this process can be challenging for decision-makers, as there are many factors weighing in, like economic feasibility and utilisation. To support this rapid growth, HUB wishes to be at the leading edge of understanding how EVs will impact the parking industry and is ready to successfully support its clients to take advantage of the value stream and opportunities within the EV revolution.

Why should you consider EV charging for your facility? 

Attract high-value customers

By providing EV stations, you will stand out from the competition, offering a complete parking experience for every driver.

Enhance your parking solution and create a seamless experience

Integrating technologies that simplify the drivers' journey will position your parking asset for success. Ask us about ANPR, parking guidance, and much more.

Meet customer demand

Thanks to the right use of software, you can understand evolving public and fleet customer needs.

Drive revenue

By approaching new customers with a new service and adjusting your pricing, you have the potential to generate a new revenue stream.

Position your business in the sustainability lane

Installing EV charging solutions on- and off- street will support the growing adoption of electric vehicles and air quality improvement, which are both priorities among smart cities and forward-looking municipalities in the UK.  

HUB can help you with the electric transition of your parking

We can help you meet the needs of ordinary parking management and electric recharging at the same time, creating an optimal, complete and profitable environment.

HUB Parking solutions guarantee a high degree of openness for the integrated management of the entire parking process, including the third-party EV charging infrastructure and platform.

Our in-depth knowledge of the parameters driving the electric transition merges with a set of parking applications that allow operators and owners to meet the needs of an ever-increasing number of customers through a robust, convenient and reliable system.

In addition, parking operators can enjoy support in developing strategies to attract and outperform the competition in the electric age: EV charging can be offered in combination with time-saving digital subscription and payment options or integrated with the parking fee to ensure smooth entry and exit.

Here is where HUB becomes your partner for electrification.

EV charging stations come in different types and power levels: talk to an EV charging expert who can help you evaluate your needs and match you with the right solution.