J4H raises hospitality standards  

Designed to enhance customer experience in the hospitality industry, J4H is HUB’s web-based solution that facilitates convenient and simple parking for your hotel guests.

Accessible from any PC/MAC with an internet connection, J4H removes the requirement for extra hardware or intricate network configurations, simplifying the workflow for both parking operators and hotel administrators.  

The streamlined parking check-in process guarantees a seamless experience through quick guest registration and issuing parking passes in just a few clicks.
Reception administrators wield complete autonomy in handling parking information, check-in/out times, and generating new passes, delivering a personalised service. 

Create your Guest Pass with ease

Reception check-in

Upon guests’ arrival at the hotel, they complete check-in at the reception, receiving a comprehensive Guest Pass valid for the duration of their stay.
This pass grants multiple entries and exits from the parking facility and it can be conveniently printed or emailed.

Online reservation

Guests who book rooms online can request a parking space during the reservation process.
The reception administrator proactively issues a Guest Pass complete with the vehicle’s license plate number and a QR code, promptly sending it via email.
This provides a convenient and technologically advanced solution, especially for garages equipped with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

Temporary parking

Guests entering the garage as temporary parkers can present their temporary ticket at the reception.
J4H allows the easy conversion of temporary tickets into Guest Passes within the parking management system, ensuring maximum security in the treatment of guest parking information.

Satisfied vacationers…

  • 5-star parking experience: thanks to QR passes or license plate registration, guests enjoy a seamless parking experience, eliminating the need for physical tickets or cards. Ensuring a parking spot during vacations is a highly sought-after service that will enhance your guests’ stay, for a serene and worry-free experience. 
  • Convenience and personalization: J4H offers parkers the flexibility to choose between physical printing of the Guest Pass or receiving it via email. Using the license plate as a credential adds an extra layer of convenience, speeding up the access process. 

… and parking operators even more!

  • Service integration: J4H offers complete synergy with the entire HUB Management System, allowing parking operators to manage and create products from a unified platform. This promotes an integrated view of parking operations and the general performance of the business.
  • Full control: J4H allows the punctual monitoring of information on guest parking, allowing for example to collect payments for exceeding the time limit of an expired Guest Passes.
  • Continuous monitoring: parking operators can access real-time data on Guest Pass usage in the parking facility. J4H offers hotel-specific reporting, enabling detailed information on revenue and output patterns, precise financial analysis and supporting well-informed decision-making processes.
  • Seamless parking experience: J4H enhances the overall parking experience for guests, contributing to increased customer satisfaction. The use of QR codes and number plate recognition for entry and exit, along with various privileges during their stay, aligns with modern expectations of convenience and efficiency.

Everything you need in a single solution

Real-time monitoring

J4H offers comprehensive visibility into all data linked to the Guest Pass, facilitating issue resolution for parking operators.

Guest Pass registration

the Guest Pass registration process takes place in three simple steps, minimizing data processing times and providing the customer with the options to either print or receive their pass via email. 

Hotel Card Activation

the report encompasses four key operations associated with Guest Passes: ISSUED, MODIFIED, DELETED and CHECKED OUT. Each encompasses a variety of details and filters, delivering a thorough overview of the parking.

Hotel Card Usage

the report combines all operations, including creation/modification from the J4H web application, along with details on usage in the parking area, to facilitate quick and precise information retrieval.

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J4H is a time-saving and cost-effective solution to improve the performance of your hotel parking without expensive and complex integrations. 

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