Boost your customer comfort and your car park operational efficiency with HUB’s ticketless solutions

Digitalization changed the way of interacting with products and services, and changed customers’ expectations too! Enable a seamless parking experience for your visitors thanks to a comprehensive set of ticketless solutions, and improve your operations’ efficiency by saving time and resources. 

Transform the car park into a digitally-enabled facility

Break the cycle of paper tickets by simply upgrading your existing parking system with ticketless solutions, such as online payments, pre-booking and car flows optimisation. Grant your customers smooth entry & exit, save their time in-lane, and maximise transactions.


Enable fast and smooth parking experience for users

Free-flow transit allows a quick and stress-free parking experience.

  • HUB’s solutions include license plate recognition (in just 0.5 secs!) that serves as a virtual ticket and grants pre-paid access, preventing stolen cars or ticket swapping. EXPLORE LPR!
  • The entry/exit stations can also manage other different technologies to identify customers, such as the proximity radio frequency identification systems. EXPLORE JUPITER!
  • Moreover, in order to save time users can book a parking space in advance and access via App, QR reader or BLE thanks to digital ticketing. EXPLORE JPASS!
  • Take advantage of our Loyalty Platform to reward customers’ purchases through discount programs for quick and accurate validation. EXPLORE J4M!

Ticketless solutions are ideal for a flawless parking experience even in the case of vehicles in grace time: drivers can access and exit the parking area in a limited window of time, with no need of worrying about permissions or desk validations for top flexibility.

Reliable and easy parking

HUB’s camera-based License Plate Recognition associates every vehicle to a unique digital ID.

  • This technology allows a paper-free experience and relieve the driver of lost tickets, and the parking operator of fraud for free parking!
  • For an even easier experience, it can be coupled with Find My Car features, that guides the user towards the parking lot and simplify the payment and exit, especially at larger facilities. 

Opt for a hassle-free payment approach thanks to process stability provided by ticketless solutions: parking fee can be paid via parking App or at Automated Pay Stations (APS) granting secure and successful completion of every transaction.

Productivity facilitator

Pay-by-Plate functionality allows to boost efficiency in several ways.

  • From the driver point of view, the technology allows to speed up transaction time (NFC contactless payment takes only 2 secs!), for a smoother and quicker exit from the parking asset. EXPLORE CHIP & PIN & NFC!
  • On the other hand, manpower can be relieved of handling paper ticket stock and managing potential ticket issues at the payment station.
  • In addition, a quicker payment and exit process naturally increases transactions volume (HUB’s technology allows one vehicle per lane every 3 seconds!). 


Release your parking site potential: thanks to ticketless solutions you can boost the operational efficiency while providing the highest comfort for customers, reducing stress, avoiding queuing, saving valuable time and fuel.  

Discover the available identifiers that can be suitable for your parking asset:

  • Tolling Integration and/or VIP Reserved Parking
  • Pre-booking Sales channel Loyalty e-Commerce Platform
  • Camera-Based LPR
  • Digital Ticketing
  • Employee and Guest Parking 


The most suitable ticketless solutions depend on the specific attributes of the parking site. Tell us about yours: we will help you to find them out!
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