J4Pay: Smooth payments with just one tap

Facilitate your customers' payment from their smartphone, cutting off waiting times and introducing new ways to understand driver behavior - all in a single scan.
J4Pay uses QR codes to guide drivers through the payment process, ensuring safer and faster transactions with the simplicity of a tap on your mobile device. Customers can scan QR codes displayed on garage monitors or directly from the parking ticket.

Scan to Pay fits both gated and gateless facilities, and it is compatible with paper tickets and license plate recognition technology for ticketless and hybrid sites.

Plus, there’s no need to download a dedicated parking app or register an user profile – the QRs redirect parkers to a dedicated web page, through which they complete the payments and find out more about the advantageous solutions of your car park.

No need for more pay-on-foot stations either: a more manageable environment and less saturated environment is just a few clicks away! 

J4Pay: Instruction for use



Scan the QR code with your mobile camera, either from the facility signage or from your parking ticket.



Enter your ticket number/license plate/phone number. Then enter your name and email for receipt information.



Enter your promotional code and pay from a reputable website by credit card or payment App (PayPal, Google Pay, card on file).



Exit the facility in a flash!

Why choose scan to pay

Your customers are looking for increasingly digital and connected payments: J4Pay is a customer-centric solution that adapts to the new smartphone-based ways of interacting.  

Contactless and digital transactions

Using QR codes, drivers will enjoy a safer parking experience without touch points and will be able to pay conveniently via their smartphones, thus speeding up the exit process, saving time and stress of unnecessary queues. Plus, they can have e-receipts for parking payments and refunds delivered to their email.

Integration with additional services

The QR code can be integrated with pre-booking services, with J4M for discounts and promotions, and with JMS to take advantage of unified revenue reports. This way, operators can easily manage transactions with the ability to issue refunds and introduce convenience fees.

Cost reduction

With the digitization of services given by QR code, potential maintenance costs become zero. Parking operators can focus on running their business and stop worrying about magnetic stripe ticket malfunctions.

New data on customer behavior

Privacy and sensitive customer data are fully protected when it comes to QR code transactions, but this technology can pave the way for more in-depth information on customer parking habits, allowing operators to manage rewards and business strategies.

Learn more about J4Pay

The powerful mobile payment solution that allows drivers to pay and validate their tickets in a quick, easy, and secure way from their own mobile device.

Find out more about J4Pay

HUB Parking can accompany you in the introduction of this function to increase the competitiveness of your assets and give a boost to the parking experience. Find out more about J4Pay and talk to our experts to plan the deployment in your facility.
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