Developing parking solutions that innovate, since 1965

HUB Parking Technology is a brand of FAAC Parking Solutions, which is the Business Unit of FAAC Technologies dedicated to the parking and mobility industries. We develop, manufacture, install, and provide after-sales services for integrated, value-added smart parking solutions. 

We are continuously evolving for the better

Our history is rooted into 100 years of combined know-how in the industry, laying solid and stable foundations to keep growing as innovators in the market with a worldwide reach. Check out our legacy brands and rich history!  

HUB Parking Technology is one of the largest parking system manufacturers worldwide: our departments rely on extensive knowledge of programmers capable of designing both stand-alone solutions and able to be integrated into a large extent of third party systems.

HUB’s full stack solutions are able to quickly adapt to respond to customers and market needs: each proposal is completely configurable, becoming flexible to promptly respond to emerging needs.

HUB’s local experts - thanks to a long tradition and global expertise - can figure and tailor your installation to satisfy every specific requirement, in order to make parking efficient for users as well as profitable and easy to manage for operators.

A dependable partner through every step of the project

At HUB we believe in close and long-term customer relationships: we set up a global network of local teams to support you defining the most effective solution for your parking.

Wherever your business is located, you will be supported by the extensive capability and expertise of our Direct Sales Representatives or our Value Added Resellers.

Before, during and after selling you can count on a complete stress-free experience: our trusted partners and service teams will meet the rising demands across the entire lifecycle of your parking asset.

Every year, internal technical and commercial training programs are activated  to provide you with cutting-edge services and solutions.

People make the real difference in a company’s environment

HUB is proud to say it out loud: every day we can count on a solid group of professionals bounded together by a strong team spirit and loyalty towards a common mission.

The human capital is our engine on every single layer of the company, both locally and globally. When you reach out to a HUB person you are sure to rely on extensive experience and global knowledge, blended with strong accountability.

Green spirit, strong attitude

HUB is an innovation driven company with respect for the environment! Our R&D department leverages technology to design solutions to reduce or eliminate paper consumption in favour of a digital approach, for a lighter footprint.

Our V.A.L.U.E.S

  • innoVation

    In the technology, products and services that we offer, but also in figuring out new approaches to entrenched business practices.

  • teAmwork

    As a team, we are driven by collaboration, respect, communication and accountability while recognizing that everyone has their own unique role.

  • accountabiLity

    We are dedicated to our work and take full responsibility for our duties.
    We care about the company and the constituents it serves, and always act in the best interest of all players involved.

  • qUality

    We strive for first-time quality and continuous improvement in all that we do to meet or exceed the stakeholders’ expectations.

  • sErvice

    It’s more than just fixing a problem; it is prompt responses, consistent communication, quality information, and a focus on providing a superior customer experience.

  • paSsion

    For our work and about building strong, long-lasting client relationships and promote a positive and energizing environment.

Make the difference in the future parking industry!

We are always looking for talents to join forces with our worldwide pool of experts.
Explore the open opportunities or submit your spontaneous application if you are interested in starting a new career with us! 

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Additional solutions from our Brand partners

HUB has built on a rich history of long-standing brand partnerships to become a globally recognized specialist in Parking Solutions. We work together to produce innovative solutions to meet all our clients’ needs.

For 30 years, TIBA has established itself as a leader in the North American parking market, especially in the small & medium business segment. They offer a comprehensive range of reliable and user-friendly products, from cloud-based hardware, software and products for operators and parking managers.  

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Parclick is the main point of reference for online parking reservations in Europe since 2011. Based in Madrid, but swiftly moving across all over Europe, they provide customers with access to competitive prices and discounts on car parks, while helping parking facilities increase their profits without any risk.  

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Our partners

HUB Parking Technology’s international presence is further strengthened by a widespread network of trusted Partners. The local presence of experienced, value-driven experts ensures the highest quality of service for all HUB customers and users. Check them out!