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problem statement

barriered exit of the urban parking lot in the city of Antony, FranceLocated 11km south of Paris central business district, Antony lies at the crossroads of important transport routes. Given the strategic position within the metropolitan influence of the capital city, it has become home of the largest private institutions in the country, as well as the largest private health establishment in Île-de-France.

In light of the obsolescence of the previous parking system and a low level of satisfaction with the relevant performances, the Commune (municipality) decided in 2020 to renew the parking strategy for the urban lots.

The new course of action would imply both the substitution of all parking equipment with new, future-ready stations and barriers, as well as a radical shift in the approach to management and control of all parking operations. Instead of a third-party operator taking care of maintenance, assistance, and profitability of the areas, the city decided to centralize and digitize all processes related to parking: first, improving the automation and usability of all the areas, then simplifying the tariff management, and ultimately facilitating the access to targeted user groups.


design and advanced digital functionalities coexist within the slim stationThe city of Antony has chosen to advance their parking operations through integrated digital systems, taking into consideration not only the increasingly digital habits of all drivers, but also the need to adapt to the fast-changing scenario of urban mobility. In fact, the city is strategically connected to the metropolis via A86 and A10 highways, and it also hosts the terminus of OrlyVAL line, that is the RER rail to international airport Paris-Orly.

In line with major cities trends, traffic is likely to be restricted across some of Antony streets, converting them to pedestrian access only, hence moving the parking spaces away from the curbs.

The new parking system is ready to scale by design, and to accommodate present and future needs to configure the stations to subscriptions access, LPR-only, credit card reading, congress tickets, pre-booking, validations, and any combination of them. Dedicated scanners are already in place for QR codes and mobile access media.

The implementation of a technically advanced system was designed, discussed, and adopted with the continuous support of HUB France sales and service team, that is headquartered close by in the city of Massy.

client requirements

  • EMV-certified (Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa) scalable and robust systems with low maintenance requirements and operating costs
  • 24/7 drivers’ assistance via intercom
  • LPR camera-based entry and exit  
  • Pedestrian access devices for the underground Parking du Marché
  • Easy serviceability, to minimize issues related to service, consumables, mechanical moving components
  • State-of-the-art management system, with an intuitive interface to streamline operations and data reporting for staff
  • Multiple payment methods, including credit card, NCF and pay-in-lane to best cater for each driver
  • Centralized control room to simplify management and control
  • All-inclusive maintenance contract managed by HUB


Jupiter stations and barriers at work in the underground parking lot "Parking du Marché" in the city of AntonyAntony traffic & parking team realized that embracing digital transformation would help overcome mobility challenges, and boost citizen satisfaction.

The two critical objectives of the systems’ renewal were: ensuring availability to the highest number of drivers, and delivering a dynamic tool dedicated to data reporting and analysis of the parking lots performances, to take informed decisions. The combination of Jupiter stations and JMS management software fulfils these duties 24/7 both on-premises and through a centralized control room, that is hosted in the Commune offices and remotely serviced during the night time, via Axioma.

The control room staff is now able to monitor, control, and remotely assist drivers on any of the parking lots in real time, delivering attentive service and timely support.

All Jupiter stations are equipped with intercom and user-friendly features, paired with external parking guidance systems and signs that put drivers at ease and promptly inform them of the occupancy status ahead. 

The city car parks are subject to heavy traffic, especially during the week, totaling thousands of transits every day. In order to prevent casual parkers from leaving the car stalled for hours and hours, thus occupying high rotation spaces, all parking lots are equipped with new barrier gates, factory-tested for several million cycles.

LPR cameras regulate the transit in and out of the parking areas, and they are fully integrated with JMS to ensure that the grace time and/or the parking fee are respected, and associated to the correct vehicle. They provide secure identification the vehicles, because the software treats and stores the license plate data in full compliance with GDPR regulation.

Jupiter pay station and lane peripherals  perfectly blend in the city environmentThe new digital system was required to manage several user groups with different parking habits, depending on the specific site: merchants of the covered marketplace Les Halles, with 1 hour free allowance, resident parkers, users of the AVIS rental car services (at Croix de Berny), and occasional visitors. At the market, License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology proved the ideal way to identify merchants’ vehicles: all of the plates associated to an “approved list” that grants them free of charge transit through the lanes of Parking du Marché. 

The combination of robust equipment, camera-based LPR technology, and advanced management software capabilities now offer the Commune a comprehensive system to better control and manage the parking lots, and be ready to face any mobility challenge in the future. 

At a later stage, the city of Antony could implement the J4M Merchant application, rewarding customers easily and quickly while granting benefits to parking operators and store owners.

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